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How it works

  • Calculate Carbon Offset Required
  • Distribute Required Number of Water Widgets to Staff/Clients
  • Monitor & Record Uptake & Retention
  • Drawdown Allowances

It’s as simple as that!

LittleFoot is part of the Challis Water Controls Group of Companies the UK’s largest manufacture of Water & Energy efficient showers.

Challis Shower products are already in over 4 million UK homes saving water, energy and CO2 now and into the future.

The Key to the success of our schemes

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Is the Water Widget, developed and patented by Challis and distributed by LittleFoot was specifically designed to provide a product with huge carbon saving combined with minimal production and distribution costs. this gave us an efficient and cost effective vehicle on which to base our Carbon Reduction Project Schemes whilst at the same time being very easy to fit and not sacrificing any performance.

The Simplicity of our Schemes

In partnership with UK Government and some of the UK’s largest Utility providers, Super Market Chains and High Street Retailers, LittleFoot developed an innovative distribution and implementation model that is now the basis of their Carbon Reduction Project scheme. This scheme has since been verified and approved by VCS (the world leading voluntary carbon registry) guaranteeing that you are getting the very best internationally approved, verified and audit-able voluntary carbon offset allowances.