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Government Projects

Government Projects

If you are interested in an off the shelf Carbon Reduction project


Littlefoot can not only provide the fully approved and validated methodology but also the product that will enable you to quickly and easily implement a carbon reduction scheme and meet your international Carbon Reduction obligations.


The LittleFoot Carbon Reduction Scheme is based on the UK Government’s very successful CERT (Carbon Emission Reduction Target Scheme)

which is generally regarded as on of the most successful carbon reduction initiatives ever completed in the UK saving over 4 million tonnes of CO2.


Simplicity is the cornerstone of our business
Designing and Implementing Simple Carbon Reduction projects is What We Do

Why make something complicated when it is not? Simplicity is the corner stone of all our business operations and our commitment to you is that we will maintain that cornerstone of simplicity and transparency in all our business dealings with you. With the aid of our tried and tested business template our step by step guide to implementation through to completion of the scheme means we can provide as little or as much guidance as you require


Some of our most successful Carbon Reduction Projects have cost the primary client nothing

I know its difficult to appreciate but you will be surprised how many of your Utility Companies, Corporations NGO’s or other partners will want to be associated with a successful carbon reduction project and will be happy to pay for the privilege in the form of sponsorship.