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Corporate Services

Corporate Services


Simplicity is the cornerstone of our business
Designing and Implementing Simple Carbon Reduction projects is What We Do


Why make something complicated when it is not? Simplicity is the corner stone of all our business operations and our commitment to you is that we will maintain that cornerstone of simplicity and transparency in all our business dealings with you. With the aid of our tried and tested business template our step by step guide to implementation through to completion of the scheme means we can provide as little or as much guidance as you require

Scheme Quick & Easy to Implement

Because our Carbon Reduction Project scheme templates have already been written under the VCS methodology scheme any project can be quickly, efficiently and easily implemented providing carbon savings straight away

This means you can start your scheme straight away avoiding months of preamble and planning by using the tried and tested business template and audited methodology.

Low Capital Cost

Some of our most successful Carbon Reduction Projects have cost the primary client nothing


I know its difficult to appreciate but you will be surprised how many of your suppliers or partners will want to be associated with a successful carbon reduction project and will be happy to pay for the privilege in the form of sponsorship.

We can Provide as Little or as Much Support as Required

If you want to keep costs down and use your own staff to implement our simple scheme template or we can provide a complete bespoke service from implementation to completion.

Significantly Reduce or Neutralise Your Organisations Carbon Footprint

Many organisations cannot physically reduce their carbon footprint to zero, leaving a significant gap between their current carbon footprint and their aspirations of achieving carbon neutrality.


This gap at first can appear unbridgeable. At Littlefoot we can now bridge that gap quickly and cost effectively with our bespoke carbon offset scheme based around your staff, suppliers, customers or a combination of some or all.

Suitable for Large or Small Organisations

Littlefoot’s Carbon Reduction schemes can be tailored to suit your organisations specific requirements,aims and budget.

Whether your organisation is large or small the Littlefoot team can design a scheme to achieve exactly what you want. from the smallest employee based scheme right up to large customer focused schemes Littlefoot will have the scheme to suit your organisations aims, expectation and budget.

Unique Schemes Based On Your Organisation & Business

Unlike many other offset schemes ours is not based on planting trees or building wind farms in far off places. The Littlefoot offset scheme can designed around your staff or your client base.

Making the saving close to home and most importantly directly associated with your organisations core business. The Littlefoot Offset scheme is designed, implemented and administered by ourselves specifically to suit your organisations requirements and as such you have direct control and ownership of your own offset scheme at all stages.