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Project Developers

Project Developers

Small & Large Scale projects are now Viable options


The LittleFoot Carbon Reduction Project Scheme is ideally suited for quick, simple and easy implementation in locations World Wide, some of which you may have dismissed in the past as uneconomic are now cost effective.


Our new Methodology has significantly reduced the administrative burden normally associated with monitoring and validation of projects in the past and now opens up new opportunities to develop both small and large scale projects all around the world

Our Verified and Approved VCS methodology has done away with the long protracted pre project monitoring and validation that have been a requirement and a stumbling block to the quick and simple implementation of Carbon Reduction schemes in the past. This combined with our reduced administrative load regarding ongoing project monitoring results in the LittleFoots schemes being the most cost effective Carbon Reduction schemes currently available anywhere. Enabling project developers to implement small and larger scale projects in territories that until now were not viable options.



LittleFoot can provide methodology and product straight off the shelf enabling you to initiate a project without the delays normally associated with previous projects and their restrictive administrative load.