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Suitable for Large or Small Organisations

Littlefoot’s Carbon Reduction schemes can be tailored to suit your organisations specific requirements,aims and budget.

Whether your organisation is large or small the Littlefoot team can design a scheme to achieve exactly what you want. from the smallest employee based scheme right up to large customer focused schemes Littlefoot will have the scheme to suit your organisations aims, expectation and budget.


Low Capital Cost

Some of our most successful Carbon Reduction Projects have cost the primary client nothing

I know its difficult to appreciate but you will be surprised how many of your suppliers or partners will want to be associated with a successful carbon reduction project and will be happy to pay for the privilege in the form of sponsorship.

Proven Results

Endorsed and used by the UK government and generally regarded as one of the most successful carbon reduction scheme ever implemented in the UK


Already Saved over 4 million tonnes CO2

Our carbon, water & energy saving products are already in over 4 million UK homes

Quietly Saving over 4 million tonnes of CO2 and billions of litres of water without the home owners even realising that they are helping save the planet. Because the Water Widget is Fit & Forget, once attached to any shower head it instantly turns it into a water and energy saving showered now and into the future with no additional input or attention from the homeowner.

£ : Kg The Most Cost Effective Method of Carbon Reduction

After basic efficiency measures such a switching off lights and turning down the thermostat the Littlefoot Water Widget Scheme is generally regarded as the most cost effective method of carbon reduction currently available anywhere in the world.

£ for £ or $ for $ the Water Widget saves more CO2 than any other carbon reduction measure such as wind turbines, solar panels, hydo electric scheme, or even tree planting.

Significantly Reduce or Neutralise Your Organisations Carbon Footprint

Many organisations cannot physically reduce their carbon footprint to zero, leaving a significant gap between their current carbon footprint and their aspirations of achieving carbon neutrality.


This gap at first can appear unbridgeable. At Littlefoot we can now bridge that gap quickly and cost effectively with our bespoke carbon offset scheme based around your staff, suppliers, customers or a combination of some or all.


Simplicity is the cornerstone of our business.

Why make something complicated when it is not? Simplicity is the corner stone of all our business operations and our commitment to you is that we will maintain that cornerstone of simplicity and transparency in all our business dealings with you. With the aid of our tried and tested business template our step by step guide to implementation through to completion of the scheme means we can provide as little or as much guidance as you require.

No Design or Implementation Requirement
Scheme Quick & Easy to Implement

Because the scheme templates have already been written under the VCS methodology scheme any project can be quickly, efficiently and easily implemented providing carbon savings straight away

This means you can start your scheme straight away avoiding months of preamble and planning by using the tried and tested business template and audited methodology

Internationally Approved & Verified

The Littlefoot Offset Schemes are internationally approved and verified by the worlds top Voluntary Carbon Registry (VCS).

This approval/verification guarantees that you are getting the very best internationally approved, verified and audit-able voluntary carbon offset allowances. Click here to visit the VCS Web Site.

Unique Schemes Based On Your Organisation & Business

Unlike many other offset schemes ours is not based on planting trees or building wind farms in far off places. The Littlefoot offset scheme can designed around your staff or your client base.


Making the saving close to home and most importantly directly associated with your organisations core business. The Littlefoot Offset scheme is designed, implemented and administered by ourselves specifically to suit your organisations requirements and as such you have direct control and ownership of your own offset scheme at all stages.


Flexibility is designed into all our schemes.

We realise that all our clients are different they all have different aims and expectations and as such all our schemes are bespoke designed in close consultation with you making sure we exceed your expectations.

Improved Brand Awareness

Bathing your brand in the warm glow of a successful eco friendly project

Whilst at the same time providing your customer with real added value will undoubtedly add to and improve your brand, your clients perception of your brand and what your organisation stands for.

Improved Eco Credentials

Customers are now actively seeking out suppliers with eco credentials

A robust and committed corporate sustainability policy is not only ethically good it makes financial sense as well. Many customers buying decisions are now based on wether your organisations services and products are eco friendly and they are now more likely to choose your organisation in preference to a less sustainable supplier. Providing your organisation with a real competitive advantage.

Improved Customer Engagement

Want to engage with customers before your competitors?

Water Widget products are an ideal FREE givaway to customers in exchange for their contact details. Customers seldom purchase on their first visit to a web site. They are normally in browsing mode and will go on to browse many alternative web sites. This gives your competitors several sales opportunities before the customer comes back to you. However, if you have managed to secure the customers contact details before they leave your site you can continue to engage with them throughout the browsing process, dramatically increasing the likelihood of them returning to your site in purchase mode. A Real Competitive Advantage.

Powerful Data Gathering Tool

Would you like to gather powerful customer data quickly and easily

How do you extract valuable contact details from a client that is just browsing? You provide them with something that is FREE and of REAL ADDED VALUE to them, in exchange for their contact details.

Every web shopper is looking for a bargain and is often happy to exchange their contact details for something that is of value to them. At Challis we have already proven this process with over 4 million Water Widget Cistern bags already willingly exchanged for customer contact details. Securing new customers and ongoing business for some of the UK best known high street names and energy companies.

PR & Media Opportunities

Initiating eco friendly projects provides good copy & media opportunities

Press and media are always on the look out for good eco friendly story’s which will undoubtedly show your organisation in the best possible light increasing market penetration, improving brand awareness and re enforcing customer engagement

Differentiates From Competitors

New USP’s

What better USP than your product or service is carbon neutral

A low carbon footprint and a credible sustainability policy are now becoming an increasingly important key factor in customers buying decisions. A fact not lost on your competitors. Carbon neutrality is an important and effective selling point and an increasingly vital element In maintaining any organisations market advantage.

Real Added Value

Providing your customers and clients with something free that has a real and tangible added value to them will undoubtedly improve customer relations and engagement.

As customers become more aware of marketing initiatives they realise the value of their own customer data and as such are less likely to provide them free. Customers now need something in return to encourage them to supply this valuable data. Providing a product Free, like the Water Widget, which has an actual added value to the customer, can be a real incentive.

“You help to cut my utility bills now and into the future and I will give you my contact data” is a very fair exchange. Add to that the significant carbon saving associated with this type of project and you have a winning combination that benefits all parties.